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VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSX-V: VRB) is a Canadian critical metals company in the expanding energy storage space. We support the critical metal supply chain of a new generation of long-duration Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs) targeting the decarbonization of electrical grids. VanadiumCorp plans a fully integrated, environmentally responsible metals and electrolyte manufacturing business from its wholly-owned vanadium and titanium bearing magnetite ("VTM") deposit in the Nord du Québec, Canada. The mineral deposit portion of our portfolio is located approximately 700 km north of Montréal and 27 km by road from Chibougamau, Québec, on traditional Cree lands within the James Bay Territory.

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VanadiumCorp aims to be a leading producer of high-quality vanadium electrolytes for long-duration Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs) needed to store renewable energy. VanadiumCorp is in the commissioning stage of its first manufacturing plant in Val-des-Sources, Québec. Plant No. 1 contains a cutting-edge electrolyzer designed to produce high-purity vanadium electrolytes. The Company will enter downstream electrolyte manufacturing during the lift-off phase of VFB deployment worldwide, followed by our mine production when we have established a significant vanadium electrolyte market share. This strategy will allow a staged, success-contingent development of the mine, led by our manufacturing business.

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VanadiumCorp specializes in critical minerals essential for the rapidly growing energy storage sector. The company portfolio supports a long-duration vanadium flow batteries (VFBs) supply chain, vital for decarbonizing electrical grids worldwide. A remarkable transformation of the global energy landscape is underway as we shift toward renewable energy sources. Solar and wind energy sources are forecasted to dominate power generation. Yet, vast amounts of long-duration energy storage (LDES) are vital to time-shift and stabilize these variable energy sources. The Vanadium Flow Battery is the most mature of the LDES battery technologies.

Val-des-Sources, Plant No. 1: The facility will use advanced electrochemical technology to produce high-purity vanadium electrolytes for VFB manufacturers worldwide. The facility's production capacity is up to 350,000 litres of vanadium electrolytes annually, providing about 6.8 MWh of VFB energy storage annually.

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VFB Installations will reach 88GW/278 GWH

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VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSX-V: VRB ) is a Canadian critical metals company creating a supply chain for the new generation long-duration Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs) that target the decarbonization of electrical grids. The company's objective is to manufacture metals and electrolytes from its 100% owned vanadium and titanium bearing magnetite ("VTM") Lac Doré mineral deposit integrating environmentally responsible practices in Nord du Québec, Canada. The Lac Dore deposit is located on traditional Cree lands in Quebec's James Bay Territory, roughly 700 km north of Montreal and 27 km from Chibougamau. The jurisdiction is stable, with excellent infrastructure and a skilled workforce committed to responsible mining practices.

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